Tammy's Day Care Center
Säntisstrasse 5, 8008 Zürich
Tel.: +41443821012
Open: Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
(extra hours after 6 p.m. on inquiry)
Your child can be brought and picked up again at any time during the
normal opening times.

No registration is needed and no deposit or advance payments are

The spoken language is english, so all our activities are as well. But we are able to
communicate in german if needed.

We have a group of kids that are coming the whole day and a second group of irregulary kids.
We are taking children from the age of 3 months upwards.

We provide a large variety of activities for the first group of kids and other activities for
the second group. We have a lot of games and toys to entertain your children. For
children up of 3 years we have learning and crafting hours. Weather permitting, we take the
children out to the playground close to the daycare.

The children are given a simple lunch. There is no extra charge for this. If the meal is not
to your child´s liking, we don´t object to you bringing a packed lunch for him/her.

The children also have the opportunity to have a sleep any time they need.

My staff and I do the best we can to give the children in our care a warm and loving
environment. Making the children feel welcome and keeping the parents satisfied is very
important for us. If there ever is anything that you are displeased with, I hope you will not
hesitate in letting us know.

Below are the daily and hourly rates charged. On the 20th of the month a bill for the
amount owed is sent to your home. Included with this bill is a payment slip which you are
15 days to pay.

The fees are:
One Child
sFr. 20.-/hour
max. day price sFr. 95.-
Two Children *
sFr. 24.-/hour
max. day price sFr. 160.-
Three Children *
sFr. 26.-/hour
max. day price sFr. 180.-
extra hours after 6pm
sFr. 20.-/hour
* children from the same family
We are open the whole year long except on the national holidays.
Between christmas and new year we are open normal times.